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The creator of Recoil Apparel, Marty Feldbruegge, spent the better part of his career in the apparel industry working for many of the worlds largest apparel manufacturers. He was a proven innovator during his years on the corporate side of the business. But over time, Mr. Feldbruegge grew restless to start his own business.

From this desire grew Upper Perks Sportswear, a full-service screen printing and embroidery business that specializes in on-site support of youth boys and girls sporting events. Upper Perks Sportswear’s business model was so popular that Mr. Feldbruegge was able to establish a network of franchises and outlets that provide a presence currently in five states and potentially four additional states in the near future. As a result of this success, Mr. Feldbruegge has been able to put the day-to-day operations of Upper Perks Sportswear in the capable hands of his management team in order to focus on his newest enterprise Recoil Apparel!

Recoil Apparel, was founded in Green Lane, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The area is notable for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and outdoor enthusiasts. The area is highly concentrated with residents who are passionate about hunting and sport shooting. As a result, in Recoil Apparel, Mr. Feldbruegge, saw an opportunity to develop a company that was specifically geared to the shotgun and rifle enthusiasts. The resulting line of Recoil Apparel is one that allows the shooter a wide range of flexibility, while significantly reducing the impact of repeated shotgun or rifle recoil on the shooter’s shoulder(s). 

Give Recoil Apparel a try in the field or on the range and we bet you’ll become the next Recoil Apparel believer!